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Yong Gang Male Enhancement Pills Review: Stone Age Impotency Treatment for Men

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Review and Description

Yong Gang is another sexual enhancement pill that is designed to improve sexual health and vitality including pleasure. Yong Gang boasts to enhance not only the sexual organs but also other important organs including kidney. The product claims to enhance stamina, maintain a powerful body, general health enhancement, improve vitality and enhance intimacy, eliminate depression and restore a lost desire. Yong Gang induces all these effects in nothing other than purely natural way. The manufacturers claim that the product is 100% safe to use with zero side effects which, however, can never be true for any product. Yong gang must be taken with extreme care for those who are suffering from serious health conditions. It must never be used with medications that contain nitrates in them like nitroglycerin.

Yong Gang is the product of Shining Trading Co, Ltd which is based in China. They brag of producing more than 200,000 products relating to different herbal categories like sexual enhancement for males and females and weight loss. Very little is known about Shining Trading Co, Ltd, including their FDA approvals, putting the customers at a risk of serious health damage. Their products are exported all over the world including the USA.

Customer Reviews

Some of the customer reviews found for Yong Gang are discussed below.

Yong Gang Feedback
Yong Gang Feedback

An unknown user commented about Yong Gang by appreciating it and calling it a “Great Stuff”. Moreover, the customer also mentioned the fact that the loading dose for this product can be different for different persons, as normally 1-2 tablets are recommended but even a half tablet can give required results.

Red Lion of England also shared their experience using the product on 11-07-16 saying that Yong Gang is an “Excellent product” which can not only be swallowed but chewed too. He also notified other customers that facial flushing is the first sign that the product is working.

Another unknown customer also gave a comment about the product on 5-07-16 saying that his wife is very happy after he chose this product to treat his impotence.

Pricing and Dosage

Yong Gang Price
Yong Gang Price

Yong Gang male enhancement pills can be purchased in the form of boxes. The price of a single box is set at 2.98 Dollars. Each of these boxes consists of 2 of these pills. The recommended use of Yong Gang pills is to take a pill at least half an hour prior to engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Users must be careful not to take more than 1 pill a day as it is stated that the effects of a pill can last even longer than 24 hours in some cases.

How to Buy Yong Gang Male Enhancement Pills Online

As there is no official site of Shinning Trading Co, the interested customers will have to consider third party dealers that sell Yong gang. Although most of the renowned and trusted online pharmacies don’t carry this product, there are some vendors which actively sell Yong Gang. Customers are advised to confirm the credibility of these pharmacies if they are to make any transactions.

How to Use

Take one pill 30 minutes before sexual activity. Do not take more than one pill in a 24 hour period. It has been noticed that many times the effects of this pill will last longer than 24 hours so the users will have to be a bit careful and monitor the time before taking another dose.

Side Effects

There are no serious common side effects of Yong Gang reported yet. it must be mentioned that people suffering from serious defects of heart, myocardium, liver or kidney should either abstain or contact their physician before taking this product. A research has mentioned that the licorice, a content of Yong Gang, could exacerbate the heart diseases leading to worsening of effects by causing hypertension. Wolfberry, another content of Yong Gang, is strongly prohibited in patients diagnosed with blood pressure anomalies.

Conclusion with Rating

Yong Gang Male Enhancement is manufactured by Shining Trading Company Limited which claims that this supplement actively works to treat impotence and sexual inactivity in males. The company is based in China having lots of its products in the market. Nothing certain can be said about it because there is very little information available about Shining Trading Company and it is also not known whether this drug has FDA approval or not. The company claims it to be one hundred percent natural with Chinese Yam, Gorgon Fruit Lily as its active ingredients. The product is also claimed to boost the function of other vital organs such as the kidney. Impotence and kidney. Customer reviews are thoroughly positive indicating the reliability of this drug. However, due to doubts about its composition and side effects, it must be abstained from. People suffering from diseases of heart liver kidney must particularly avoid its use. The drug receives 2 out of 5 with a strong advice to be used only after consultancy of a doctor.

Brand: Yong Gang

Ingredients: Chinese Yam, Gorgon Fruit Lily

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Shining Trading Co. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: China

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