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Viamax Power Coffee Review: Instant Side Effects for Female and Male Guaranteed!

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Review and Description

Having a very pleasant coffee taste, Viamax Power Coffee is a natural way to increase male potency. The product starts to work after 15 minutes, followed by a rosy face and showing a great desire for love in the eyes and a warm stream in the body enhancing the desire for sex. This Viamax Power Coffee is ornately made by adding unique aphrodisiac factors into common coffee refined with modern extraction technology. According to the manufacturer’s statements, Viamax Power Coffee is made of natural materials like instant coffee, grape pulp, and other aphrodisiac factors, hence causing no serious side effects or addiction.

This coffee works to enhance the sexual desire significantly by making the penis erect more quickly which can be helpful in improving the condition of impotence, premature ejaculation, and erection problem. Having an apparent effect on stimulating the nerve center it also regulates hormone secretion and the activation of cells of the cavernous body of penis. Viamax Power coffee is also able to cure the inability of sexual desire and the lacking in the orgasm.

Lishi Technology Limited, located in China is the manufacturer and major wholesaler of Viamax Power Coffee. Founded in the year 2010, the company is famous for selling a variety of natural health products which are focused on sexual life and weight loss categories. Most, but not all, of their products, have an FDA certification. They ship their products to over twenty countries including North America, South America, Mid East, and Oceania. The company enjoys a very good repute in the field of herbal medications.

Customer Reviews

Viamax Power Coffee is a mediocre product from some low-end industry in China. Sustaining this assertion is the pure absence of reviews concerning the functionality and the efficiency the manufacturer’s product. The absence of reviews on any unbiased forum or website is nothing other than a pure failure of the product as no one is even willing to use the product.

Pricing and Dosage

Viamax Power Coffee Price
Viamax Power Coffee Price

Viamax Power Sexy Coffee which is originally priced at $29.99 is now available for purchase at $21.99. The customers get a chance to buy eight bags of these coffee bags after saving $8. Manufactured by Chinese Herbals, it is advised to take this drug 15 minutes prior to getting involved in any type of sexual acts. It can be taken in the form of any regular coffee to ensure a power boost in the sexual power of men.

How to Buy Viamax Power Coffee Online

As the official site of the manufacturer does not sell Viamax Power Coffee, interested buyers have to look for other online shops that sell and deliver this product. The above-mentioned links are renowned for being the best sellers of Viamax Power Coffee.

How to Use

Viamax Power Coffee is to be taken 15 minutes prior to sexual activity. This herbal medicine does not offer special requisites, so it can be taken simply like any regular coffee. It can also be added to any alcoholic drink or soda. It must be noted here that Vimax Power Coffee is not a permanent solution to male impotency and therefore, must be taken every time before intimacy.

Side Effects

The usual side effects of Viamax Power Coffee is the redness and warming of the skin. Shortness of breath followed by a generalized color of the body are some other side effects. As Viamax Power Coffee contains coffee, it is most probably that it contains caffeine too. People sensitive or allergic to caffeine must never use this product. If rash or rubor of skin continues to increase, it is highly recommended that the users must seek medical attention for proper treatment. Drug interactions can be serious with herbal medications as the herbs are never fully understood, so the users must contact their physician before starting Vimax Power Coffee.

Conclusion with Rating

Viamax Power Coffee also termed as sexy coffee by its manufacturer is reckoned as an all-natural mixture of aphrodisiac substances to cause an increment in the sexual capability of makes. It is manufactured Lishi Technology Limited which has its roots in China. Running since 2010, the company has an FDA approval on a majority of offered products but no information could be obtained for this coffee. Obviously, some of its products lack the approval from FDA. The coffee is claimed to be solely consisting of natural ingredients like grape pulp mixed with Instant coffee. It also says to regulate the sex hormone production in addition to ensuring faster and harder erections. No reviews from its customers are available anywhere on the internet. This makes quite difficult to accurately determine the status of this supplement. However, in such cases, it is generally assumed that the drug is failing to fulfill the claims made in its name. It gets 2 on a 1 to 5 scale because of this lack and should always be used after a proper consultation with a doctor.

Brand: Viamax Power Coffee

Active Ingredient: Instant Coffee, Grape Pulp

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Lishi Technology Limited

Country of Manufacture: China

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