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Man King Supplement Pills Review: FDA Banned Drug with Serious Side Effects

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Review and Description

Man King Supplement is nothing but a self-proclaimed, fake herbal supplement to treat male impotency and other sexual disorders. The supplement has a half-life of about 2 or 3 days, meaning it can stay in blood much longer than other drug of the same category drugs. Man King claims to stand apart from other brands in a way that it not only increases sexual stamina, physical strength but also the ejaculation time resulting in a prominent and visible effects on men’s health and sexual life. Guangzhou Xingyun claims that their product is 100% pure with no impurities, but a deep research suggests that Man King contains a hidden ingredient called Sildenafil which can be found in most commonly prescribed medicine Viagra. Due to these allegations it might be correct to conclude that Man King Supplement is not the most effective treatment for ED. FDA has informed the patients not to use the supplement anymore and has regarded Guangzhou Xingyun Trading Company as a rogue company never to be trusted. Marketing and selling of Man King Supplement pills is yet prohibited by the US FDA.

Customer Reviews

Man King Consumer Report
Man King Consumer Report
Man King Consumer Testimonial
Man King Consumer Testimonial
Man King Consumer Public Notification
Man King Consumer Public Notification

Despite receiving an immensely positive response from its consumers, FDA is not quite in favor of using this drug. In a notification released by the FDA, it was clearly mentioned how Man King Supplement has failed to fulfill the criteria for an approval by the FDA because of one of its ingredients. The drug that claims to be an all-natural substitute to erectile dysfunction actually contains – an active component of Viagra. Hence, the drug has been termed as faulty and dangerous to the patients of heart diseases. FDA has counseled the people to stop consuming the pills immediately and throw them away. Those who have already started suffering the side effects because of this supplement should contact a physician.

Don S a customer of Man king supplement was very pleased and satisfied with the use of these pills. Although the effect of the pill is meant to remain for 3-4 hours but the Don says the pill “keep me horny for 3 days” proving that this review is nothing but an exaggeration.

A featured review on says that the customer was fully satisfied with the working of the drug. The customer gave 5 stars to the drug calling it “a perfect supplement with perfect ingredients”. He further mentioned how effective these pills were and how they had helped improved his overall sexual performance.

Another comment on this review mentioned how Man King Supplement has helped in boosting his sex drive in addition to reviving his overall body performance by giving him “a strange kind of energy”. It was also mentioned how the consumer has started taking it on a regular basis on account of its effectiveness.

Pricing and Dosage

Man King Cost
Man King Cost

Man King Male Enhancement can be bought at a discounted price. 8 boxes of this drug can be bought at a price of $34.95. Each of these boxes has 5 pills. Hence, the total potency for this becomes 2800mg. It is usually advised to take one pill per day. The best time for taking the pill is 10-20 minutes prior to indulging in any sexual activity. This is because Man King Male Enhancement pill usually requires half an hour to work at its best and provide harder, long-lasting erection, and an active sexual performance.

How to Buy Man King Supplement Pills Online

Even though the drug has been disapproved and banned by the FDA, it is readily available in the market and can be purchased from different stores.

How to Use

Man King Supplements are to be taken before indulging in a sexual activity. Although there is no specific word about the dosage by the producers, different users and websites claim that one pill taken before sex is enough to cause visible effects. No maximum dosage has been provided by the manufacturers but it is advised that the person should not take more than two pills per day. Alcohols and dairy products are contraindicated during its intake. Patients must be with an empty stomach before they take this pill. As the pill take one hour to show maximum effects, it is advised to take the pill at least an hour before intimacy.

Side Effects

Side effects are expected because of the presence of two hidden ingredients. Sildenafil can stimulate redness and warmth in the face, chest region and neck. Headaches and stuffy nose along with hearing loss and dizziness are some other side effects. Sildenafil is notorious to stimulate color blindness, severe stomach ache and diarrhea. Flu-like common symptoms along with muscle and back pain has also been reported by any patients.

Conclusion with Rating

Man King Supplement Pills are an alternative to Viagra for treating male sexual dysfunction and impotence. It has been falsely labeled as a generic version because it contains Sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient which is also found in Viagra. The company for manufacturing this drug is Guangzhou Xingyun Trading Company. It is being operated from China. Both the company and the product are not renowned. The customers should not put their faith into this company or its products as it has proven to fool its customers into buying Man King Supplement pills labeling them as generic pills while they are not. FDA has not approved this drug as well and has strictly advised the customers to stay away from it. Customer reviews recorded for this medicine are, however, the contrary to these allegations. The consumers are happy and satisfied with the effects of Man King pills. It is still not a highly recommended drug because it has not fully disclosed its ingredients. Also, it should always be used after proper consultation with a physician. In the light of this discussion, Man King manages to get 2 out of 5 on an average rating scale.

Brand: Man King

Hidden Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Ingredients: Ginseng, Chinese matrimony-vine, Longansarcocarp, Lily,, Scalper’s penis, fur seal’s penis, Pilose antler of young stages, Buffalo’s penis etc.

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Xingyun Trading Company

Country of Manufacture: China

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